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  • Moisture

    Signs of moisture intrusion coming from ceiling all the way down bedroom closet wall into floor

  • Improperly Terminated

    Improperly terminated splices in insulation in attic

  • Improper Wiring

    Improper wire sizing for a 200 amp main breaker

  • Fungus

    Fungus type growth hanging from ceiling

  • Improper Plumbing

    Improper plumbing and water leaks below kitchen sink

  • A-Coil

    Heavily impacted with dirt and fungus type growth.

  • Missing Overflow Line

    Missing overflow line allowing for potential scalding if valve was to open.

  • Missing Wiring Clamp

    Missing clamp on wiring allowing for wire to potentially become damaged allowing for possible shock or electrocution hazard.

  • Rusted Service Cable Conduit

    Service cable conduit to electrical meter is rusted, leaving unprotected wiring exposed to elements and possibly electrocution hazard.