Benefits of hiring Peace Of Mind Home Inspectors


RecallChek is an easy and convenient way to check for recalled appliances in your home. Prevent Fires & Injuries in your home with RecallChek today!

How it works:
Appliance data for a property is submitted to RecallChek through a number of means depending on which is most appropriate. Your manufacturers and model numbers are computer matched against MILLIONS of recalls using our Model Number Algorithm (MNA).

In the event of a potential recall on your appliance, RecallChek issues a report including:

  • The nature of the recall
  • Where the product was sold
  • How to remedy the defect
  • How to get the item repaired/replaced in most cases – absolutely FREE!!

From The House to The Street We Can’t Be Beaten

With every full home inspection, we have Sewer Line Protection from  the world leader in underground repair coverage.

Underground Sewer and Water lines are covered for 90 days from the date of your inspection from issues like collapse and tree roots. While your inspector may recommend a sewer camera inspection (sewer scope) for some properties, on others (where no drain backups or known issues are present) this coverage will serve to protect against failures between your home and the municipal connection or well/septic systems. A sewer camera inspection with satisfactory results will automatically extend your coverage to 12 months.

It’s Not Pretty, But It’s Covered!

If you spot visible mold within the home after the inspection, will pay to remediate the issue! This coverage lasts for 90 days from the date of inspection and comes with a total aggregate limit of $2000, which is automatically increased when you get a mold test with us. Make sure to address any known mold and moisture issues as noted in your inspection report as existing conditions or those stemming from a known issue are not covered.

What Happens When The “Gremlins” Start Coming Out?

Each inspection performed comes with a  Structural and Mechanical warranty that covers items that malfunction after the inspection and were confirmed to be in good working order by your inspector. It lasts for 100 days or 22 days after closing from the date of your inspection, whichever comes later, and carries a deductible of $0. Many items covered are the same items covered by your one-year warranty from closing, effectively making your deductible $0 on most claims with your inspection from us!

Protect What Protects You Most

Every single inspection Peace of Mind Home Inspections performs comes with a 5 Year  that covers the necessary repair for any new leak in your home’s roof system.

This service contract covers repairs for leaks only. Any defect noted in your home inspection or any consequential leak resulting from a defect noted in your inspection is not covered. If your inspector noted damage, leaks, improper installation, or worn materials, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to remedy these conditions.

Get The Bugs Out!

6 Monthprotects against future infestations or infestations not visible at the time of inspection. (Clear termite inspection report is required for coverage).