Air Quality Testing

Environmental pollutants are all around us, but we cannot do anything about them except minimize or reduce our exposure to these pollutants as they happen. However, with Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), there is something that we can control. Research has shown that people spend most of their time indoors – at home or work – where pollution levels are higher than outdoors. Environmental risks are even higher for those at a higher risk because of age, illnesses, or other conditions.

Our indoor air quality testing in Sarasota tells you about any pollutants present in your indoor environment. Our indoor air quality inspection and assessment involves taking samples of molecules in the air to understand which contaminants are the most dangerous to your health.

A Sarasota air quality testing process goes much deeper than testing it for contaminants. We’ll start by interviewing you to determine better where to focus our efforts, and then we’ll use scientific instruments to obtain instant IAQ readings. From there, we test the following:

Household dust for pollutants and allergens
VOCs (chemical off-gassing),
Moisture problems or potential moisture sources,
Heating/air conditioning systems for contamination, gas appliances for gas leaks
Carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide levels.

We’ll also collect surface samples and do lab analysis of collected samples. If you are looking for a professional for air quality testing in Sarasota, Fl, schedule an Inspection today.