Five Features that House Hunters Hate

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You love your home, but you understand that not everyone shares your aesthetic. At the very least, you’ll need to tidy up the den, maybe retouch some chipped paint here and there. At the extreme end, you may have to paint over your dining room mural depicting the Battle of Geonosis with a neutral color. Other little things that can turn off even the most motivated house hunter. From the eye of House Inspectors, we discuss a few here, in order of ease and expense.

1. Clear Acrylic Faucet Handles

These always look so pretty in the store . . . and so grimy a week after you install them. Not only are these dirt magnets, but they also drag down the rest of your bathroom decor. Unless these are made of genuine crystal, replace them with metal, enamel, or another opaque option.


2. Unkempt Landscaping

Take a weekend and clean up your yard, front, and back. Don’t stop with mowing the lawn, either. Prune trees and hedges. Rake leaves and pick up debris like sticks and pine cones. Weed the flower beds that you haven’t touched since last summer. According to Kiplinger, you don’t need to transform your yard into a botanical masterpiece, though: just make it look as if it has always been properly maintained.

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3. Wall-to-Wall Carpets

If you are lucky enough to have hardwood floors underneath, seriously consider removing the carpet. It is a universal truth: buyers love hardwood floors. If you don’t have hardwood beneath and you don’t want to install any, invest in professional carpet cleaning so at least the carpet will appear pristine.

4. Popcorn Ceilings

This feature went out of style with avocado appliances and track lighting. You will need a professional to test for asbestos. If no hazardous materials are found, you might be able to handle the removal yourself–although many painters and contractors will do it for you.

5. Carpeted Bathrooms

Why anyone would decide to install carpet in the most humid room of a home is a mystery. As with our first entry, this feature is a magnet for dirt, mold, and mildew. Rip it out ASAP. Replace it with vinyl flooring (cheap, but sturdy) or ceramic tile (expensive, but stylish). Before you make any home renovations, talk to your realtor to see if the investment will be worth your time and effort. You don’t want one minor element to derail the entire sale. You can get your house ready for prospective buyers in no time!

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